The Election Commission of India has launched an intensive drive called "National Electoral Rolls Purification (NERP) 2016". The programme will include enrolment of all eligible citizens and removal of repeated and multiple entries; entries of dead, shifted & absent voters, correction of errors in EPIC and removal of other data errors.

    During the drive, repeat images will also be corrected, missing photographs will be collected and poor quality of image will be replaced by good quality photographs.

    Standardization and rationalization of sections within a part, Part/PS boundaries and polling stations locations demarcation shall be undertaken keeping in view the voters' convenience and facilities available with the ease of conduct of poll in the future.

    In this connection, all stakeholders such as political parties, NGOs, village authority, town/ward authority and general voters to extend utmost cooperation to the election department in this endeavour to improve the fidelity of the electoral rolls and re-organisation of polling stations with Basic Minimum Facilities (BMFs) for voters' facilitation and convenience.

    • Objectives : The twin objectives of NERP, 2016 :

      1 : Improving Health of Electoral Rolls.

      (i) Inclusion of all eleigible voters in mission mode.

      (ii) ERs to be Free from errors.

      (iii) Single entry anywhere for every eligible elector; No multiple.

      (iv) Absent and shifted electors' entry in ERs.

      (v) Removal of all Dead elector's entries.

      (vi) Good quality correct images confirming to ECI standards.

      (vii) Single unique EPIC for every Elector.

      2 : Standardization of Section, PS boundaries and Location.

      (i) Standardiztion of sections.

      (ii) Optimization of part boundaries.

      (iii) Relocation of PS with in Part or in adjacent parts.

      (iv) Drawing the section and part boundaries on GIS.

      (v) Improved PS Map with part map,' how to reach to PS', PS building image and to the scale PS room drawing with BMF details.

    NERP - Photographs, 2016.