- About Election Branch -

Election Office is one of the organizations in the Set up of the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, but at the district / sub-district level the functioning of the Election Office is more of regulatory, and statutorily. It functions under the superintendence, directions and control of the District Election Officer.

- Functions & Duties -

Conduct of free and fair Elections and error free Electoral Rolls continues to remain the primary and priority areas of the Branch. Following announcement of revision schedules, public are periodically informed of the programmes of the revision of Electoral Rolls through press release, advertisements with which the public are called upon to
Claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll (Form 6 ) or (Form 6A)and
Object to an entry therein, which is subject to eligibility as laid down in the Law (Form 7)
Correction of particulars (Form 8)
Transposition of names (Form 8A)

~ Download Forms ~
    • Form6
    • Application for Inclusion of Name .

    • Form6-A
    • Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an Overseas Elector.

    • Form7
    • Objection Inclusion or Seeking Deletion of Name.

    • Form8
    • Correction to Particulars Entered in the Electoral Roll.

    • Form8-A
    • Transposition of Entry in the Electoral Roll.

  • ~ Employees ~

    Sl No. Name Designation Contact No.
    1 Shri. Deramun Ch Momin Asstt. System Engineer 8837210603
    2 Shri. Balwan R Marak U.D.A. 9862670141
    3 Smt.Jyotika M Sangma U.D.A. 9366567619
    4 Shri. Cheringnang S Momin LDA 7005363932
    5 Shri. Tuestar G Momin LDA 8794675224
    6 Shri. Tapte G Momin DEO 8837028095
    7 Shri. Bahiram A sangma Enumerator 8837372095
    8 Shri. Birendra Toyba Rabha Enumerator 7005968429
    9 Shri. Changrak K Marak Enumerator 7005366383
    10 Shri. Oliver Sangma Process Server 87005692867
    11 Shri.Salnath D Sangma Process Server 8787480025

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