- About Establishment Branch -

The Estabishment Branch is part of the amalgamted branches in the O/o The Sub-Divisional Officer (C). It is primarily responsible to analyse the working conditions under which govt. servants, branches / departments operate, i.e. the financial, physical, material and human resources available to carry out their functions.

- Functions & Duties -

The Sub Divisional Officer (C) is the Head of the Sub Division and is the Controlling Officer of all the branches of the Sub Division. He is empowered to delegate subject as per the restriction and condition prescribed by Rules and his power to any persons appointed by Govt.to assist him in the day to day work. To oversee the functioning of the office as a whole under his control including the duties and responsibilities of Subordinate officers, Staff for public authority and to exercise the power as may be delegated to him by Act/Rules. Extra Assistant Commissioner(s) is/are appointed by the Government to assist the Sub Divisional Officer (C) regarding matter related to the office administration and any other works delegated.

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Sl No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Smt. Serobala M. Marak Head Assistant (HA) 9774450611
2 Shri. Christman G. Momin UDA 9774344467
3 Smt. Kenritha K. Sangma UDA 8787559464
4 Shri. Earbe T. Sangma UDA 7005208891
5 Shri. Nilot Paul LDA 7005225718
6 Shri. Wembil M. Marak LDA 7005199253
7 Shri. Lasing A. Sangma (T) PA 8415885480
8 Shri. Chonsing Sangma Peon 9485402489
9 Shri. Promod Marak Peon 9383043423
10 Shri. Wenson T. Sangma Peon 9774864280
11 Shri. Nasin M marak Chowkidar
12 Shri. Kredithson M. Marak 6033093340
13 Smt. Wajinda B. Sangma 9366191034
14 Smt. Minjilla T. Sangma Sweeper 8837399411
15 Shri. Maljing M. Marak Peon 9774179410