- No. of Offices & C&RD Blocks in the Sub-Division -

C&RD Blocks

Sl No. Office Name Office Address Block Development Officer
1 Dadenggre C&RD Block Dadenggre, 794003 TMG Momin, MCS.
2 Tikrikilla C&RD Block Tikrikilla, 794109. Kapil Koch, MCS
3 Selsella C&RD Block Selsella, 794109 P. R. Sangma, MCS


Sl No. Office Name Office Address Head of Office
1 SDO (C), Dadenggre Civil Sub-Division Dadenggre, West Garo Hills Swapnil Tembe, IAS
2 Deputy Inspector of School Dadenggre, West Garo Hills
3 Sub-Divisional Veterinary Officer Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
4 Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
5 Sub-Divisional Fishery Officer Dadenggre, West Garo Hills
6 Project Officer, ICDS. Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
7 Soil Conservation Beat Officer Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
8 Wildlife Range Office Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
9 Social Forestry Range Office Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
10 Sub-Divisional Medical & Health Officer Dadenggre,West Garo Hills
11 Sub-Divisional Officer, PHE. Phulbari,West Garo Hills
12 Sub-Divisional Officer, Irrigation Phulbari,West Garo Hills
13 Sub-Divisional Officer, PWD., No.-II Phulbari,West Garo Hills
14 Sub-Divisional Officer, PWD., No.-III Phulbari,West Garo Hills
15 Sub-Divisional Officer, NEC. Phulbari,West Garo Hills
16 Sub-Divisional Officer, MeSEB Phulbari,West Garo Hills
17 Sub-Divisional Officer, Rongai Valley Project Chibinang,West Garo Hills
18 Project Officer, ICDS Tikrikilla,West Garo Hills
19 Project Officer, ICDS Selsella, West Garo Hills